Medi-Cup Blisters

15 Options and 8 Sizes to Meet Your Needs!

  • Eight Sizes to Accommodate Any Size Med or the Smallest Storage Space
  • Choose 6 or 12 Month (USP Class A) Beyond-Use Dating
  • Tamper Evident, Moisture Resistant Package (USP 41 Total Package Testing Method)
  • Nultraviolet Medi-Cup Blisters are over 97% effective against the UV Spectral Range (Green or Amber)
  • Prevents Powdering, Crushing and Breakage
  • Significantly Reduces Risk of Cross Contamination
  • Manufactured from FDA Acceptable Materials

Medi-Cup Blisters have been specifically designed to accommodate the packaging needs of virtually all solid oral medication.  There are 15 styles and 8 sizes of blisters available.  Amber and Green Nultraviolet®  Blisters contain special ultraviolet inhibitant to protect medication from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. When used with our Lid-Label Covers, Medi-Cup Blisters provide either 6-month or 1-year beyond-use dating.  

Each Medi-Cup Blister has a denesting hip which allows for easy separation of single sheets.  Yet the sealed units can be interfaced/offset to reduce storage space requirements.  The semi-rigid construction of the blister sheets protects the physical integrity of your medication and prevents powdering, crushing or breakage.  

Since each blister is a clean sheet, the risk of medication cross-contamination is significantly reduced.  All blister sheets, in coordination with the accompanying Lid-Label Covers, are perforated to allow for easy separation and dispensing of individual doses.  Each blister yields a "peel corner" for easy access to your meds.

Our Deep and Jumbo Blisters are ideal if you're packaging compounded meds, veterinary drugs or large medication, like double or triple "0" capsules.  Our Mini and Oval Blisters were designed for instances where storage space is at a premium.

Our new MPB™ (Multi-Purpose Blisters) are perfect for compounded meds, unit of use packaging, suppositories, larger tablets and capsules, repacking unit dosed items and anything that fits.

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