Return Policy
Policy Statement
  • Prior Authorization is always required from ISO-MED, INC. Return Goods Department.
  • Customer level detail is required if product is returned by a third party processor agent.
  • Returned product must have been purchased directly from ISO-MED, INC.
  • Upon receipt of return request, ISO-MED will issue an RA (Return Authorization) Number. Products authorized for return must be physically returned to ISO-MED within 60 days of the date the RA Number was issued. If product is not physically returned to ISO-MED within 60 days, the RA Number will be canceled and the return case closed. If products are received more than 60 days after the RA Number was issued, no credit will be processed.
  • No Credit will be issued for products that are over 6 months of receipt of goods! 
  • Credit will be issued upon inspection of the returned goods, provided they are in compliance with ISO-MED policy as stated herein.
Returnable Product that is shipped in Error or is Damaged/Defective:

  • Upon approval by ISO-MED, credit will be issued at the actual acquisition price if reported within 10 days of receipt and the product is returned within 15 days of receipt.

Returnable Product that is Unopened:
  • Subject to the terms set forth herein, credit will be issued in the amount claimed, but not in an amount that would exceed the current Wholesale Acquisition Cost on short dated or outdated products.
  • The product must be unopened with seal intact, and in original carton/container.
  • Credit will be issued at invoiced price less a twenty five percent (25%) restocking fee for all approved returns of overstocked product. An authorized company representative must sign and authorize (note on the return documents) that the product has been stored and maintained per the requirements on the packaging and/or package insert.

  • ISO-MED, INC. reserves the right to modify this policy without advanced notice.
  • ISO-MED, INC. reserves the right to refuse third party processor agent
  • No credit will be issued for any fees assessed by the third party processing agent.